David Miller lesser smile - 2by Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller.

As we return to UUCF for the new congregational year, it has been a hot summer with so much going on in the world. I am looking forward to a wonderful year here at UUCF. I am so excited about having a year under our belts together and being the minister of a congregation with such an incredible history and filled with such amazing possibilities.

Through July and August, much goes on behind the scenes to prepare for the start of the congregational year. There have been planning retreats with ministers, staff and lay leaders. Groups like the Social Justice Council, the Worship Committee and the Coordinating Team are all working on plans to deepen our connections and further fulfill UUCF’s mission. I am thrilled to welcome UUCF’s new Intern Minister McKinley Sims and Director of Music & Arts Laura Weiss. There has also been a good deal of activity on the campus including floor waxing, carpet cleaning and further grounds beautifying.

The list of events being planned for the year is growing, with events and activities through the holiday already looking full and exciting. One new social event of note is the Holiday Potluck and Party where we will join to hang the greens, share delicious food and sing together. Please save the evening of Dec. 3 for that one and check the announcements and the calendar for the many other opportunities where we can come together as a community to connect more deeply with each other.

For me, this summer also provided educational and deeply transformational experiences through trips to the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly and a couple of Moral Monday-related trainings with the Rev. Dr. William Barber II. With the tumult in the world, it has been both helpful to me personally and hopefully important to our ministry together to have participated in these experiences.

We start fresh again with so much need for our mission of transforming the world through acts of love and justice. With this year will come many challenges and it will also bring joy, connection, sustenance, deep meaning and love. For those of you who were gone, welcome back. For those who were here, I am so glad we will all be together again.

Once again, I am so excited about our coming year and I look forward to taking this next step in our collective journey.