David Miller 1.2
by Rev. David A. Miller.

Nov. 9, 2015.

As we prepare to embark on a search for a new Director of Music & Arts, I want to acknowledge that last year was a difficult time in UUCF’s history. But through all the challenges, the congregation’s music ministry continues to bring joy, meaning and connection to all those who benefit from the sharing and receiving of their time and wonderful talents. As the parish minister, I would like to thank all those who contributed to supporting the music program as UUCF transitioned. We are about to begin our search for a new director.

Search team

The CT will appoint a search team from applications received to assure a broad perspective in the process.

The makeup of the team will be:

  • Three members who participate in UUCF’s music program. Interested members will submit applications, with final applicants chosen by the CT.
  • Two members who do not participate in the music program. Interested members will submit applications, with final applicants chosen by the CT.
  • One member from the Youth program, chosen by the CT.
  • One member of the Board of Directors, chosen by the board.
  • Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig
  • Rev. David A. Miller

The deadline for music director search team applications is Nov. 30.

Search process

  • The search team will meet regularly.
  • The first task will be to review the current job description and create a revised description and announcement for posting.
  • The search team will then generate a list of about 10 key criteria for the position.
  • The position will be posted locally and nationally in places used for national UU congregation music director searches. These postings have been effective for us in past searches.
  • Two members of the search team will do the initial screenings to organize and categorize the applicants by experience and alignment with the job description.
  • The Search Team will develop interview questions.
  • A subset of the team, including the two ministers and the two initial sorters, will meet to decide which applicants meet all the criteria and should be passed on to the full committee. (There were more than 60 applicants for the last search.)
  • The team will meet more frequently over a month or so to review and discuss applicants.
  • Each committee member will read all the applications in relation to the position criteria established by the search team.
  • Applicants will be evaluated on those criteria with each individual search team member assigning scores that will be compiled for a group (team) score. The last search utilized this method and, although it took some time, about a half-dozen candidates rose to the surface.
  • The search team will conduct Skype interviews with the top candidates.
  • After the Skype interviews, the pool will be narrowed to three finalists.
  • Each finalist will meet with and conduct the Chorale, meet key staff and do a final round of interviews with the search team.
  • The team and I will choose the final candidate to recommend to the board.

Again, we thank all those who have stepped up to keep our music program running so smoothly over the last 10 months. Please let the CT know if you have any questions or would like to share any thoughts.