by Rev. David A. Miller.

Friday night I said the blessing at UUCF’s Hypothermia Shelter dinner. Afterward, as I walked out in the freezing cold wind, I couldn’t help but feel deep sadness. We have a promise that holds this country together. It is a promise to those who have nowhere to sleep and a promise to those who have no home due to conflict, poverty and war. It is the promise that this country was built on. We have often failed in fulfilling that promise. Sometimes we come closer to fulfilling the promise than at other times. Now it seems we are moving further away from that promise.

I watched a portion of John F. Kennedy’s inauguration speech this week and saw the movie “Hidden Figures.” The speech and the movie remind me that we are at our best when called to do great things, when called upon by our leaders to be our best selves and rise together. Our moral center is inclusion and the security and freedom of all who suffer from our divisions.

I feel like we should know this by now, but this promise is under threat as we speak. So once again, we must band together to protect it. And once again we must link our arms in an ever-increasing line of invitation. Once again, until it is no longer needed.