by Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller and
UUCF Generosity Team Co-Chair Deborah Boehm-Davis

Four years ago this congregation looked boldly ahead. Our Board of Directors and other leaders envisioned a UUCF for the future. A UUCF that welcomed people with a beautiful, safe and accessible campus. A UUCF with technology and an infrastructure that could present our transformational messages to each other and to the broader community. A UUCF that is financially stable. A UUCF that is environmentally responsible. A UUCF able to bring its social justice mission to fruition. Our leaders laid out a campaign to move UUCF forward into that vision. That campaign was called Reach.

Unlike most capital campaigns centered around building facilities, Reach was focused on strengthening our foundations – strengthening our financial position by retiring some of our debt; building a new, welcoming, safe and eco-friendly parking lot; installing new audio-visual technologies for the Sanctuary and connectivity to other buildings; replacing the furniture and carpets in the Program Building; connecting to public sewer and retiring our aging septic fields; and setting aside 10% of the funds collected for social justice projects.

The campaign goal was $3.2 million. The congregation generously pledged $2.6 million over 5 years. With the funds that have come in so far, we’ve been able to build our beautiful parking lot, refurnish the Program Building and upgrade our technology.

Connecting to public sewer and freeing up the property above our septic fields is still a goal.

Connecting to public sewer and freeing up the property above our aging septic fields is still a goal.

However, some goals still remain, including paying off half our mortgage to reduce debt, connecting to public sewer, reducing our campus’ carbon footprint and allocating funds to a large social justice project.

The most pressing goal in the short-term is retiring some of our debt. In fact, by this December, we hope to raise $100,000 to add to the $550,000 we have in the bank to make part of a balloon payment on our mortgage this December. Reducing this mortgage debt will lower our operating expenses by nearly $55,000 per year, increasing our financial stability and freeing up funds in the future for other congregational priorities.

We believe this goal is within reach. We are so close, in fact, that we are announcing the Within Reach mini-campaign for this fall. Here’s how the campaign will work:

  • We are asking those of you who gave to the original Reach Campaign to consider accelerating your pledges by giving what you can by Dec. 15, 2016.
  • For those who were here in 2012, and for whatever reason didn’t feel called or weren’t able to contribute to the campaign, we ask you to consider making a pledge now.
  • And for all of you who weren’t here in 2012, we’re asking you to add your support to the foundational future of this congregation.

In the coming weeks you will learn much more about this campaign and how close we actually are to some of these important goals. The Within Reach team – led by Terry Goplerud, and including David Addis, Nancy Rooney, Rich Sider and the two of us – is in place, and you will be receiving more information about the remaining projects, goals and requests.

The vision of this congregation has always been firmly fixed on the horizon and this Within Reach campaign is no different. With the many accomplishments already under our belts, this congregation is Within Reach of helping to create a stable and exciting future.

Please consider your generosity to this campaign and thank you so much for everything you have done and do to support UUCF being a place that helps transform ourselves, our community and the world through acts of love and justice.