Congregational Treasure. Apr. 15, 2019. Longtime member g Ordun is one of those special people at UUCF who gives much of herself in a quiet and unassuming manner. Over the years, she has shared her considerable gifts as a musician – both instrumental and vocal – with the congregation on Sunday mornings, in Vespers and in Women’s Ritual Council ceremonies and celebrations. She was a longtime supporter and organizer of the handbells program and currently sings with both the UUCF Community Chorale and Catalyst chamber choir. Her commitment to excellence in all that she does is inspiring; as is her unflappable commonsense and hands-on approach to solving problems.

As Vespers coordinator, g has also done most of the work to keep the program growing and thriving during the last 4 years. She has simultaneously encouraged and empowered lay leaders to develop and include their own interests and visions into services that offered distinctive and expansive worship experiences. She prepared and continually refined a comprehensive guide to the creation of Vespers programs, produced and led many memorable Vespers of her own design and provided dedicated and skilled technical assistance for many Vespers conducted by other UUCF members. In so ably shepherding the Vespers program, she gave many congregants an opportunity to learn, grow and spread their own wings in service to each other and their own dreams and aspirations. What a gift to the congregation!

Written by Susan Bennett and Barbara Dutchak