Making connections around theological affinities or in groups engaged in spiritual exploration can help us grow as individuals and as a community. The following UUCF groups are engaged in spiritual discussion and/or exploration. Check What’s happening for schedules.

Meditation Practice Group

First and third Tuesdays, 7 p.m., Chapel. Contact Karen Monroe Join us in supporting each other in our meditation practice. We start with meditation, either silent or guided, followed by an optional check in and then a open dialogue. This in an open group. There is no expectation to attend every meeting.

Women’s Spirit Circles

Contact Women’s Spirit Circles Coordinator Susan Bennett The mission of the Women’s Spirit Circles is to promote the well being and spiritual growth of the women of UUCF. By meeting in sacred circles we empower each other and support each others’ spiritual journeys. We seek to raise consciousness about women’s issues among ourselves, the congregation as a whole, and in the wider community by exploring feminist spirituality in its many forms. Click here to read the Women’s Spirit Circles Principles and Practices.

UUs for Jewish Awareness

Contact Albert Nekimken. While the Unitarian Universalist movement does not identify with any specific religious doctrine, its roots are Christian and  many UU congregations have retained Christian elements in their holiday observances, music and other practices. Despite UU’s Judeo-Christian” heritage, the Jewish elements remain a pale reflection of the riches that Jewish traditions and history offer, apart from theology. Just as we work to understand Paganism, Hinduism and other religions, we should avoid neglecting Judaism. UUCF’s UUs for Jewish Awareness group endeavors to remedy any such neglect.

Christian Connection Group – on hiatus

Humanists of UUCF – on haitus