Making connections around theological affinities or in groups engaged in spiritual exploration can help us grow as individuals and as a community. The following UUCF groups are engaged in spiritual discussion and/or exploration. Check What’s happening for schedules.

Women’s Ritual Council

Contact Women’s Ritual Council (WRC) Coordinator Susan BennettThe Women’s Ritual Council is an eclectic circle of women who hold seasonal, earth-based and Goddess-honoring rituals for solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarter days. We are pagan-friendly women who follow a variety of spiritual paths. All are welcome. Some events are women-only (cis, trans and other female identifying folk), some are for the whole community, some are family-friendly. We hold women-only (cis, trans and other female identifying folk) full moon circles most months.

UUs for Jewish Awareness

Contact Albert Nekimken. While the Unitarian Universalist movement does not identify with any specific religious doctrine, its roots are Christian and  many UU congregations have retained Christian elements in their holiday observances, music and other practices. Despite UU’s Judeo-Christian” heritage, the Jewish elements remain a pale reflection of the riches that Jewish traditions and history offer, apart from theology. Just as we work to understand Paganism, Hinduism and other religions, we should avoid neglecting Judaism. UUCF’s UUs for Jewish Awareness group endeavors to remedy any such neglect.