Nov. 8, 2016.

by Joshua Alcocer. 

In January 2016, I made a commitment to go to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax every Sunday this year. So far I have done so with missing two services as the exception. The reason I choose to go every Sunday to UUCF is to get grounded in this particular congregation. Being involved in UUCF is a statement I am making for my life this year – to be a part of community – and have been discovering from the active members I meet what taking action can represent. There is so much activity just by sticking around here.

Before UUCF, I have grown spiritually in my drug addiction recovery community. As much as I want to explore, giving myself the time to sit still at UUCF offers a chance to form relationships. I also see myself as someone who needs to practice commitment in my life. I have participated in nine different groups available at UUCF. There are more activities than this I want to go to and there are special events I have attended where I have been able to make a few connections.

I am thankful for a place for my son to interact with other children as well. The parents I have met are very warm and interesting people.

Since paying attention to what this particular UU congregation does, I have also expanded my view and explored many important activities going on in the broader Washington, DC, metropolitan community. The amount of valuable culture and people making a difference in DC seems to be endless.