Program Update. Apr. 15, 2019. There’s something magical about the theater. It’s not just the illusions created, the beliefs suspended, the ordinary humans transformed. It’s also the enactment of story by living, breathing people in the room with us, with the potential to be moved, touched and, if we are lucky, transformed by the experience. At its best, theater can elevate our spirits. The theatrical arts have a rich history of engaging people with social issues and raising awareness. A desire to engage the UUCF community with theater arts as a way of enlarging our spiritual lives and expanding our social justice activities led to the creation of the Theater Arts Coordinating Team (TACT) last fall.

TACT’s inaugural production – Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” – raised awareness about violence against women, raised over $5,000 for V-Day and our local domestic violence shelter and was a special evening of theater for a sold-out audience. Half of the show’s cast came from outside the congregation, which expanded our perspective and allowed UUCF to share its gifts beyond the congregation’s campus.

TACT wants to build on that success by finding a centerpiece production for next year and we need your help! As part of the ongoing work of dismantling white supremacy culture in the congregation, we’d like to center the voices of people of color in our next major production in February 2020. We are currently exploring the possibilities by reading plays written by people of color, reaching out into the wider community to explore potential partnerships and collaborations with people of color involved in theater in the community and with local racial justice organizations. Do you know people or organizations we should be in contact with? We’d love to hear your ideas and welcome your participation in this growing theater arts community.

As a spiritual community committed to equality, inclusion and social justice witness, UUCF has a unique opportunity to express its values through the theatrical arts. TACT hopes you’ll contribute your ideas, participate in our productions and come to the shows! The team includes Director of Music & Arts Laura Weiss, David Addis, Susan Bennett, Carol Campbell, Kathy Splitt and Cami St. Germain. Please contact us at