Description: The Improv Workshop will be a monthly session designed to help develop improvisational skills within a broader group of UUCF musicians (both instrumentalists and vocalists). The goal is to enable participants to create music from the heart in real time and express themselves creatively and with confidence on their instrument of choice. Each session will include lesson and performance components, allowing participants to gain experience in an informal, supportive group setting. Over time, this workshop will incorporate a range of popular musical styles (rock, blues, jazz, country, Latin, etc.), but there will be a slight emphasis on jazz, due to the central role of improvisation within this genre.

Prerequisite skills: A basic facility on your instrument, including the ability to read simple music notation and play major/minor scales. A willingness to step out of your comfort zone! Instrumentalists of all types and vocalists are welcome.

Instructor & Facilitator: Dave Anderson, longtime UUCF member and pianist with 50 years of improvisation experience across multiple music styles (primarily jazz, rock, blues and Latin). Dave has past experience teaching jazz harmony and improvisation.

Logistics: The workshop will meet in the UUCF Music & Arts Room. Piano, drums and a simple PA system will be available for use. We may refer to a book or other materials occasionally, but these would be an optional purchase. We are planning to kick off this workshop in either February or March. We envision this as ongoing sessions that may continue through the summer and into the 2017-18 program year. Continuous attendance will not be required, although we will have an online sign-up for each workshop once we get started. The lesson subject for the next workshop will be publicized in advance, along with any recommended advance preparation.

Survey of Possible Dates: If you are interested in participating, please email Dave Anderson and let him know which of the days below works best for you. Please assume a 7:30 p.m. start time, although that may be adjusted. We will move forward with the date with the most votes. If you are interested in participating, but none of these dates work, please let Dave know as well. Other dates might be possibilities, but we will try for the dates below first.

1st Monday
2nd Monday

1st Tuesday
2nd Tuesday
3rd Tuesday
4th Tuesday

1st Wednesday
2nd Wednesday
3rd Wednesday
4th Wednesday

Thanks considering this opportunity to expand your musical skills and participate in the UUCF music program.