D11_432_April_OS_Staff nfs David_Wiemer, Development, CAS, staff

by Dave Wiemer, Generosity Team member.

Like many of you, I am still struggling to process the results of Tuesday’s presidential election. In discussing the outcome with our children, my wife, Heather, and I assured them that they were safe and loved. We assured them that we would fight injustice and find ways to serve the most vulnerable members of our community. We promised them that as a family we would stand on the side of love.

A few days removed from that conversation, I continue to find reassurance knowing that I belong to a faith community that shares my values. UUCF is a place where my family and I know that we will find love and compassion in a world that sometimes seems incapable of either. UUCF is our spiritual home where our children will grow, connect and serve. I am more confident than ever in our decision to invest in the future of this wonderful place.

A few weeks before the election, my family made a three-year pledge to the Within Reach campaign. Though we were not part of the congregation during the original Reach campaign, we reap the benefits of the congregation’s generosity. When we first started attending services in early 2013 the parking lot was a gravel pit, not the beautiful, eco-friendly spot it is today. We witnessed its transformation firsthand, and want to make sure other important infrastructure investments that are within reach can go forward.

The Within Reach campaign’s goal of retiring debt is far from the most glamorous of projects; yet, it is essential to the congregation’s financial health. This will allow us to lower our operating expenses by nearly $55,000 per year – enabling us to use that money to finance some social justice projects that will be essential in the coming 4 years.

Our pledge is an investment in the future of UUCF. We are proud to help ensure the financial stability of the congregation because our family gets so much more in return. Now, more than ever, our support of the loving message and work of this congregation is vitally important.

I hope that you will join us by making a pledge to the Within Reach campaign today.