Frequently asked questions

Who uses the Nursery?
Nursery care is for infants to age 3 during Sunday worship services while parents attend services. Occasionally, on days we do not have Religious Exploration, we will open the Nursery to age 5, or provide separate child care during worship to age 6, as space permits. Check weekly email announcements or the UUCF website for details. At times we may ask a parent to stay if we are short-staffed. Audio from the worship service is piped into the room, so you can usually hear what is happening. NOTE: There is no Nursery on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24), Christmas Day (Dec. 25) and New Year’s Day (Jan. 1).

Who uses child care services?
Child care is available for children ages 2-12 during certain programs and UUCF events attended by parents. NOTE: We are not able to accommodate babies when there are numerous older children in the mix. If the event is large enough to warrant having the Nursery and a separate child care area, it will be clearly noted in the announcement for the event.

What is the cost for child care?
Generally, there is no cost when the RE staff schedules child care services during RE or other UUCF events. During extended events, there may be a cost to provide lunch or dinner for the children.

Where is child care held?
Child care locations vary based on availability in the Program Building and the ages of the children attending. Please look for the room location on the daily schedule posted on the door of each building.

What if I need child care at an event I am scheduling?
Please contact the Director of Religious Exploration to discuss child care options for an event you are scheduling. Occasionally we are able to provide staff for an event. If it is not a regularly scheduled RE or membership event, the requesting party is responsible for payment. Minimum is 90 minutes and approximately $50.

Note that two child care workers, with one at least 21 years of age, are required to meet our safety policies. Large events require more workers so we can keep the worker-to-child ratio at 1:6. If the Nursery is required, the ratio of workers to children is 1:3, however two workers much be in attendance, even if there is only one baby or child.

How will I know child care is offered at an event at UUCF?
Child care will be advertised as available during specific events at UUCF, but will only be offered if parents RSVP three days in advance.  Announcements will include contact NOTE: Child care is automatically canceled if no one RSVPs 3 days before the event. If you are not sure if child care is being offered, please contact Nursery is available at all Sunday worship services with the exception of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Why the 3-day advance rule?
UUCF requires two child care providers for each event requiring child care. We add more providers if the number of children requires it. With short notice, it is extremely difficult to secure child care. The earlier you RSVP, the easier it is for staff to secure child care providers.

What do I need in my RSVP?
When you RSVP, please provide the name(s), age(s) of your children, your contact information, as well as any allergies or special needs. Allergies and special needs identification is very important in helping us staff appropriately.

Who will be looking after my child?
UUCF requires that one of the child care providers is over 21. Other child care providers are usually high school and college students who have been background checked and done some trial/practice runs shadowing one of our regular child care workers.

How does check-in and check-out work?
When you drop your children off at child care, you will sign them in and put a name tag on your child. Remind us if your child has allergies or special needs. We will not allow any children to sign themselves out of child care, even if they are moving back and forth to an event at UUCF. If you are sending someone else to sign them out, please make note of that on the check-in sheet.

What if I am interested in being a child care provider at UUCF?
Being a child care provider at UUCF is a rewarding experience and a great way to meet families. If you or your child is interested in joining the child care team, please contact the child care coordinator.

We look forward to providing a safe and nurturing place for your children at UUCF.