Safety is our first concern. Our policies, procedures and rules all exist to ensure the safety of (y)our children. Please read our Policy – RE Safety Policies and Agreements.

Our child safety rules include:

  • Two adults in every classroom whenever children are present.
  • Children in the Grade 3 or younger must be picked up at the end of class by a parent or parent-designated representative. They will not be allowed to leave unattended.
  • Classrooms are to be “Peanut and Nut-free zones.”
  • Parents must sign a permission form for their child(ren) to participate in UUCF-sponsored trips or outings as well as for overnight activities on the UUCF campus. See forms here.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the UUCF campus.

Background check policy

All volunteers working in RE classrooms should read the complete Policy – RE Safety Policies and Agreements and complete the Authorization for UUCF to Conduct Confidential Screening and Criminal Background Investigations. All will be checked against a sex offender registry by the RE assistant. A background check will be conducted for all OWL teachers, volunteers for youth (Gr. 7-12,) and those who have been attending UUCF for less than a year.

Rules of behavior for Youth

  • Respect the people, property and congregation.
  • No purchasing, possession and/or use of illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • No abuse of legal drugs.
  • No weapons.
  • No use of tobacco.
  • No leaving the grounds where the activity is held.
  • No theft (a police report may be submitted for anything lost or stolen of a value of more than $100).
  • No sexual activity and no inappropriate or unwanted touching of another person.
  • No shared covers in sleeping rooms or otherwise.  At least one adult will always be present in rooms where participants spend the night.
  • Observe the “No” Rule.  A participant’s use of the word “NO,” and all forms of “No” such as “Stop” or “Don’t do that” shall be recognized as a signal for others to cease any and all behavior that may cause the participant to become uncomfortable, or to feel threatened, either physically or emotionally.

See our Parent Resources page to get online forms for RE events. You are always welcome to print and send in the forms to the attention of the RE Assistant.