Teaching Religious Exploration (RE) at UUCF is a wonderful way to meet other families and learn more about Unitarian Universalism. RE is a cooperative program. Each parent or guardian teaches, or is an RE greeter, at least once every 3 years. All of our classroom teachers are volunteers from our UUCF community.

Volunteer opportunities include teaching with a team of three or four teachers for a year, being an RE greeter in the lobby once or twice a month, leading a Workshop for three consecutive weeks, or helping out as a chaperone or for special events. Parents and guardians are also asked to be a class helper three or four times a year for those years when they aren’t a greeter or teacher. If their own child’s class doesn’t need a class helper they are still needed in the other classrooms as volunteers.


Teachers work in teams with opportunities to plan as a group in the summer as well as during teacher training in September and January. We try to set up all teams by Aug. 1 so they can meet with their class liaison to discuss the curriculum and schedule. The UUCF RE program year is about 30 sessions, starting after Labor Day and running until the week before Memorial Day. Generally, each volunteer leads 7-10 sessions, assists 7-10 sessions and has 7-10 weeks off during the year. Teams create their own schedules to work around family activities. We do not hold RE on most holidays (with the exception of Columbus Day and Presidents’ Day weekends).

Teachers often teach one service and attend worship during a different service. Some also catch sermon videos or podcasts.

If you’ve been attending UUCF for at least six months, please plan to join a teaching team as part of your commitment to UUCF and Unitarian Universalism. If you cannot teach, please talk to the Interim Director of RE Diana Tycer about other ways to serve the RE program.  All volunteers are screened (with additional background checks for Our Whole Lives [sexuality education class] and youth teachers and advisors).

If you would like to learn more about teaching our children or youth, please contact:

Sign up links:

Workshop Guest Leaders

Workshop is a chance for Grades 1-6 to explore deeply UU identity, sources and themes with guests from our UUCF community. RE teachers and Workshop guests engage our children through activities focused on social justice learning, spiritual practices and artistic expression on special weekends.

  • Contact Interim DRE Diana Tycer to volunteer or learn more

Our Whole Lives (OWL) Teachers

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a program developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ. Three-day training is required for all teachers. The most convenient training for this upcoming RE session is the third weekend in August at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Arlington in Arlington, VA. We offer OWL at Grades 1, 5, 8 and high school.

RE Greeters

RE Greeters welcome visitors, prepare snacks, locate supplies for teachers and spend time with a child that needs some extra attention. RE Greeters are encouraged to volunteer twice a month. For more information on being a Greeter or to sign up for 2018-19:

RE Committee

The Religious Exploration (RE) Committee is responsible for recruiting RE volunteers, supporting the policies of the RE program and providing human resources for the RE programs. They participate in setting the overall direction of the UUCF RE program for children and youth and provide guidance in choosing curriculum and supporting teachers. The RE Committee reports to the DRE ensure that the congregation’s RE program goals are consistent with the overall congregational mission, vision, values and strategic direction. The committee also works closely with the RE staff to offer guidance and support for program implementation.

Please contact any member of the 2018-19 RE Committee with questions or comments: Chairs Tom Crowley and Laurie Cunningham and committee members , Chris French,  Dillon Ginley, Tessa Grubb, Emily Kohler, Christyn Levy, Paula Prettyman and Sandy Shinn.

Youth Adult Committee

Our Youth Adult Committee (YAC) plans events and activities for UUCF’s Youth program. Their primary role is to plan and implement activities, including worship, social justice and class activities, for the 11:15 youth group. Contact Courtney Firth.

Special Event Helpers

We keep a list of storytellers, face painters, clowns, musicians, woodworkers, social services professionals and arts and crafts enthusiasts to call upon for special needs and events.