The Greater Washington Area Religious Educators Council (GWAREC) is a gathering of religious educators from the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Joseph Priestley Chapter LREDA who have committed to sharing resources among UU congregations in the Metro-Baltimore-Washington, DC, area. We will post adult education classes held at area congregations and other information on GWAREC activities. Note that this page requires all participants to be paid JPD-LREDA members.

GWAREC Links from meetings

November 2016

2016 Fall Conference Webinar Overview of LREDA Fall Con: Money, Race, Death, and Sex. Robin Slaw, Dolores Miller, Beth Irikura, Lora Powell-Haney, and Linnea Nelson – Nov. 2016 Discussion of proposed JPD-LREDA Bylaws Changes. Ann Richards. Text of Proposed Bylaw Changes available from your JPD-LREDA Executive Team: Lora Powell-Haney and Wendell Jensen for comment and vote at December cluster meetings.


Bylaws Discussion
Big Gap Trip to WV by Beth Irikura
Online Advent Calendar by Ann Richards
Buddies by Robin Slaw
Wellspring Linnea Nelson
Liaisons Linnea Nelson

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