Volunteering in Religious Exploration (RE) at UUCF is a wonderful way to meet other UU families and develop your own Unitarian Universalist identity in a warm, caring community. RE is a cooperative program, which relies on parent involvement for its success. Each parent or guardian who is active at UUCF is expected to participate in RE and make a significant volunteer commitment of 30 hours each third year as a teacher, RE ambassador or Coming of Age mentor. In addition to parents, young and older adults in our congregation are welcome (and needed) as teachers so that all 24 RE classes can be offered each year. Volunteer opportunities include serving on an RE teaching team, helping out as an RE program Ambassador, leading a Summer RE class, serving as a Coming of Age mentor, serving on the RE Committee and helping out as chaperones on youth trips. Parents and guardians are also assigned as class helpers three times a year when not serving RE in another capacity. 


Teachers work in four-person teams guided by an RE Liaison who trains and supports them all year. Teacher recruitment runs from March through August, with teacher training usually held the first Saturday in September. The UUCF RE program year is divided into four seasons. Twenty classes are offered for 27 Sundays across the fall, winter and spring. Four courses are offered for eight summer Sundays.Generally, each volunteer teacher leads seven sessions, assists 7 sessions and has 13 program Sundays off. Teams create their own schedules to work around family activities. UUCF does not hold RE classes on most holiday weekends. If you’ve been attending UUCF for at least 6 months, please plan to join a teaching team as part of your commitment to UUCF and Unitarian Universalism. If you cannot teach, please talk to the Director of RE Diana Tycer about other ways to serve the RE program.  We do background checks on all volunteers working with children and youth. If you would like to learn more about teaching our children or youth, please contact:

Sign up to teach RE

Our Whole Lives (OWL) Teachers

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a nationally recognized comprehensive sexuality education program developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ. Three-day training is required to become an OWL facilitator. Adults interested in facilitating OWL classes should have some prior experience teaching RE at UUCF or another UU congregation. UUCF offers OWL at Grades 1, 5, 8 and high school.

RE Ambassadors

RE Ambassadors  welcome new families, provide information on RE programs, assist with morning setup, support children who need to step out of class, help in classrooms as needed and maintain safety protocols. RE Ambassadors are expected to volunteer 15 Sundays each year. For more information on being an Ambassador contact Education Assistant Melissa Campos-Poehnert.

Coming of Age Mentors

Those who have been involved in congregational life for at least 2 years are needed as mentors for youth in the 7th Grade Coming of Age class. Mentors are matched with a student and work with them for about 6 months as the students explores UU identity and develop their personal credos. Mentors spend quality time with their students twice a month for 6 months (dinners, hiking, attending UUCF events) and attend their class in April as the students prepare for the Coming of Age service. Contact Courtney Firth for more information.

RE Committee

The RE Committee is responsible for recruiting RE volunteers, supporting the policies of the RE program and providing human resources for the RE programs. They participate in setting the overall direction of the UUCF RE program for children and youth and provide guidance in choosing curriculum and supporting teachers. The RE Committee reports to the DRE ensure that the congregation’s RE program goals are consistent with the overall congregational mission, vision, values and strategic direction. The committee also works closely with the RE staff to offer guidance and support for program implementation.

Please contact any member of the 2019-2020 RE Committee for more information. 

Youth Adult Committee

Adult volunteers are needed to work with our Middle School and High School youth on the Youth Adult Committee (YAC). YAC’s primary role is to plan and implement activities, including worship, social justice and class activities. Contact Courtney Firth.