Congregational Treasure.

Jan. 18, 2016.

Sometimes the caring and compassion that takes place at UUCF happens quietly and with great planning. For four years, Linda Kozloff was on the Pastoral Care team and chaired it for two of those years. In both roles, she was a loving, compassionate and organized presence. Linda led the group through some of the most difficult times in our congregation and worked tirelessly to provide opportunities for UUCF members to feel supported and loved. She also provided support and guidance to the Pastoral Care team who benefited greatly from her experience on the team and her calm and matter-of-fact style.

Linda has also volunteered at and co-chaired the annual Social Justice Yard Sale. Her practical skills combined with her willingness to do what it takes to get the job done make her such a joy to have on any team. When Linda commits herself to a project, she stays with it for a while, providing continuity and guidance to those who serve with her. As one of her fellow Pastoral Care Associates noted, “Linda cared as much about us as she did about everyone else in the congregation. She would always check in on us and provide a listening ear or practical advice.”

Thank you to Linda for giving us her gifts of time and talent, making her a true congregational treasure.