Congregational Treasure. Jan. 30, 2017. Linda Rothbart and her husband, Dan, have been members of UUCF for more than 20 years. Linda served on the congregation’s Board of Directors from 2011-15 and as a member of the Growth Think Tank in 2012. She has taught Religious Exploration classes for 6 years. More recently, she has been involved in continuing adult education, leading the popular World Religions class, which has run for 4 consecutive years and introduced dozens of people to Eastern and Western religious traditions through texts, group discussion, guest speakers and field trips to various houses of worship. She has also been instrumental in developing an online version of the curriculum for people to take at their own pace and for other UU congregations to use in adult education.

Linda brings a generous spirit and collaborative approach to the World Religions class, where introspective interfaith dialogue drives questioning, learning and personal and spiritual growth. Her genuine interest in people and religious history truly embody our UU principles of drawing inspiration from a variety of religious and philosophical texts and an individual’s free and responsible search for truth and meaning. We are inspired by Linda’s commitment to religious education and grateful for the rich dialogue across faiths and cultures her classes have brought about.

Written by Lay Minister for Adult Spiritual Development Cheryl Sadowski