Congregational Treasure. Mar. 7, 2016.

Nathan Graham is a high school senior in the UUCF Youth program who has been making a big impact in the wider UU world. A natural leader with a big heart, whose commitment to inclusivity serves as an inspiration to youth and adults alike, he has served Unitarian Universalism in multiple, significant ways.

He has served at the district level as a worship coordinator for youth cons and currently serves on the Con Rebuilding and Visionary Team. He has been active in planning district and regional youth events, serving as both worship leader and chaplain. He is newly elected to the temporary Con Planning Committee. He is currently recognized as a Luminary Leader (a Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) program that recognizes outstanding youth leaders) and will attend the UU-United Nations Office spring seminar, Goldmine (the UUA summer youth leadership training) and summer seminary (a UUA program for Unitarian Universalist youth to help them explore the possibility of becoming a religious professional).

While serving outside UUCF, Nathan has not neglected his home congregation. Within UUCF, he has served as youth member on the Social Justice Council and currently serves as an active member of our worship team and as a worship associate for Sunday services. He also serves as co-chair of the Youth Adult Committee. He quietly makes sure that youth feel engaged at multi-generational events like the Banding Together concert and that all voices are heard in meetings.

In addition, Nathan is an accomplished musician and regularly plays in our intergenerational housebands and bands for youth events. Nathan has applied to represent UUCF as a youth delegate to our UUA national gathering, General Assembly in Columbus, OH. Nathan is a committed and dedicated youth leader who many consider their “go-to guy.” As Director of Religious Exploration Linnea Nelson puts it, “UUCF has tightened the gap between youth and adults with Nathan’s leadership. We could not have imagined the strength of these relationships a few years ago and Nathan has been a steadfast contributor to this success.”

Thank you, Nathan, for your service to UUCF and Unitarian Universalism!

Susan Bennett
Lay Minister, Worship and Arts