The following are guidelines for selection of UUCF delegates to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) annual General Assembly.

1. Priority for delegate selection
  • Each delegate shall be a voting member of UUCF.
  • Priority will be given to UUCF leadership. Board members, lay members of Coordinating Team (CT), Lay Ministers, followed by committee/activity chairs, in that order.
  • Priority will be given to creating a diverse delegation of congregants, including youth, young adults and members of color, regardless of their current leadership status. Delegate selection will take into account not just current and past leadership positions, but also serve as a leadership development opportunity.
2. No more than one member of a family may be a UUCF delegate, unless no alternates are available. However, family members of delegates may serve as alternates.
3. Notification of delegate selection will be made will be made on/around Mar. 1 to enable delegates to register promptly for UUA-sponsored hotel/housing accommodations and apply for financial aid (if necessary). The Denominational Connections Committee (DCC) will propose a slate of delegates to the CT early enough to be timely. Delegate credentials must be signed by a professional minister or the Board president.
4. A list of alternates will be maintained. Alternates can be moved to delegate status as deemed necessary by the DCC, with CT notification. Once proffered, delegate status will not be rescinded. Delegates should notify the DCC as soon as possible if they cannot attend in person or participate as an off-site delegate so that an alternate can be identified.
5. Expectations for UUCF delegates to GA:
  • Represent UUCF at plenary sessions and vote.
  • Attend an orientation sponsored by the DCC.
  • Bring back your experience and share with the Congregation.
6. Guidelines – Financial Assistance for Delegates

Limited funds are available for financial assistance, with priority given to youth, young adults, members of color and delegates with financial need. Registration fees for the Board president or alternate will be paid. While financial assistance is specifically targeted to registration fees, additional subsidies for transportation and lodging may be available. The DCC will work with congregants requesting aid for GA. UUA will waive GA registration fees for those who volunteer a certain number of hours at GA.

Confirmation of UUCF financial assistance and delegate status is usually announced to delegate applicants by Mar. 31. Actual amounts awarded will be dependent on demand and funds available.