As we strive to live our mission of transforming ourselves, our community and the world through acts of love and justice and our vision of Grow, Connect, Serve, UUCF is guided by these core values and principles:

  • We seek to practice love in action and trust in a larger love. We affirm that spiritual growth includes both the inner work of personal transformation and the outer work of service and activism. Recognizing that this work may take many forms, we honor the diverse beliefs and practices present in our congregation and those whom we would serve.
  • We seek to welcome everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability or economic circumstances. We commit ourselves to systemic change in service to this core value.
  • We seek to adapt to the changing religious environment of the 21st Century, building on our congregational strengths while embracing new forms of religious community and practice.
  • We affirm the Seven Principles and six Sources of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Ends Statements adopted by UUCF’s Board of Directors.

With these values and principles in mind, UUCF leadership sets forth the following strategic goals for the period 2015-2018. In a time in the world that calls for boldness, these UUCF goals will create opportunities and initiatives to expand the reach and impact of Unitarian Universalism both within and beyond the congregation:

  • Work with local UU congregations to identify innovative ways to share and leverage resources for the purpose of growing Unitarian Universalism in depth, size and impact.
  • Develop a project or projects that demonstrate and practice UU values in new ways beyond our campus.
  • Intentionally grow our cultural competency in ways that challenge our comfort, expand our awareness and promote social and spiritual healing.
  • Evaluate congregational programming to intentionally discern what activities, groups and learning opportunities are helping the congregation fulfill its mission; what no longer serves the congregation; and what will serve the congregation in the future, and modify our programs accordingly.
    • Make it easier for congregants to engage opportunities to grow, connect and serve at UUCF.
    • Build into all our programming, opportunities for reflection and spiritual deepening.