Frequently Asked Questions

How were the 2015-2018 goals developed?
A Strategic Planning Committee, with input from the Lay Ministers Council, the Board of Directors and the Coordinating Team, drafted a set of core values, principles and strategic goals for 2015-2018 in the spring of 2014. Congregational feedback on the draft goals – a key part of the process – was intentionally delayed because the committee thought adjustments might be necessary to reflect the transition in ministerial leadership. However, Interim Parish Minister Jennifer Brooks encouraged us to move forward with the congregational feedback process because vision setting is a regular part of the transition process. It’s important that the congregation have a sense of direction as we welcome a new parish minister.

How did the congregation provide feedback on the goals?
Worship services on Jan. 25, Feb. 15 and Mar. 8 focused on the three goals. After each service, congregants met in the Sanctuary to offer verbal feedback. Congregants also gave written feedback through a form on the UUCF website.

How was the congregational feedback used?
After the three weekends, the committee compiled notes from the feedback discussions as well any written forms and recommended any adjustments to the goals statement. The Coordinating Team and then the Board reviewed any recommended changes and affirmed or rejected any recommended changes.

These goals are high-level and don’t include concrete strategies and action steps with measurable outcomes. How will those be developed?
The goals were finalized and approved at the November 2015 Board of Directors meeting. The next step is for congregational committees and working groups to develop concrete strategies and action steps. These groups will include representatives from relevant lay ministries and staff. We hope to have these detailed action plans available in time for the Jun. 7, 2016, UUCF annual meeting.