Congregational Treasure. Jun. 6, 2016. The Property Stewardship Council recognizes Rebecca Lieser as a Congregational Treasure for her work over many years to make the shared UUCF campus a beautiful environment that supports our community in all kinds of gatherings and celebrations from solitary to community, contemplative to joyful.

Most recently, Rebecca has taken the lead in developing a vision and an overall master plan to use Reach Campaign funds to provide a variety of gathering areas within the core of the campus. You have probably noticed the new seating that has popped up on the deck, through the wooded areas and outside the Library.

Over the last year, Rebecca and Kristin Moyer have done much assessment, planning and research to bring us to this happy state. Their first step was to carefully inventory the existing furniture and its current location. Through observation, they have determined use patterns and potential for additional seating areas for both children, adults, families and assorted gatherings. They also researched the cost and durability of various furniture materials and styles.

As part of this effort, they envisioned and orchestrated the opportunity to memorialize a loved one by donating toward the purchase of a teak chair, table or bench. Plaque inscriptions were lovingly written, much care was taken to accurately manufacture the plaques, and Ken Foley and Zeena Ziedberg carefully installed them.

With summer upon us, you may find time to sit with a friend after services, schedule an outdoor meeting or casually wander the grounds and find a shady spot to relax. Please join us in “blessing the benches” on Jun. 12.

We are grateful to Rebecca and her team for their dedication to making the UUCF campus reflect our inviting, diverse and vibrant community.