David Miller 1.2by Rev. David A. Miller.

This week we commemorate the passing of Pawel Jura who served UUCF as the Director of Music and Arts and died suddenly on Feb. 24, 2015. I read and heard about Pawel during the ministerial search process and was excited to meet him and get to know him. The day before I left California to come to Virginia to pre-candidate, I received a call and heard the tragic news. Since that day, I have been struck by the grace, caring and love this congregation has displayed for the memory of Pawel and to each other.

We all have different ways to grieve. Grieving takes time and comes and goes in waves. One of the amazing parts of being in this kind of community, and specifically UUCF, is the love and tenderness in which we hold each other as we pass through these challenging and sad times. Although I was not with you at this time, I have seen the lasting and joyous effect Pawel had on so many and I wish I could have experienced that joy with you.

As we pass through this time together, if anyone needs to chat with Rev. Laura Horton-Ludwig, the Pastoral Care Team or me, please reach out. Let us cherish the time spent and understand the complexity of human life as we hold each other in grace, care and love.

For those who may desire to attend, Rev. Laura will be holding a memorial gathering to honor Pawel this Wed., Feb. 24. Stop by any time between 7-8:30 p.m., in the Library (Administration Building). This will be an informal chance for congregants to gather and reminisce about Pawel on this first anniversary of his death.