by Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller.

As we all try to navigate the road ahead, we will continue to have different opinions and feelings about the best course of action. As we process our feelings and thoughts, as I have said before, it is totally understandable that we will need different things at different times and be faced with decisions about our level of involvement.

Involvement can challenge our comfort and lead us each to existential questions of deep meaning. For me in this past week, those questions are about risk and sacrifice. What am I willing to lay down for my fellow humans? What level of discomfort can I bear for the health and safety of others? How can I best use my position and privilege to actively support the work that is quickly becoming not only vital but literally life- and democracy-saving?

These are questions I ask myself. These are questions I cannot avoid. While it’s important to ask these questions, we cannot let them overwhelm us and we can’t all do everything. Find what you can do, do what you can do and maximize every tool you have to the best of your ability. And please don’t forget, we will all need each other during this time, so please help me when I need it – which I will and do – and I will do the utmost to do the same for you. As I said yesterday, there is no one perfect way, and we are all doing the best we can to deal with an extraordinary time in our history.

Please be kind to each other and open yourselves up to support others in need and to be supported when need arises in you. We are here to be here for each other in these times.

May that truly be so.