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UUCF and the UU Congregation of Sterling (UUCS) are co-sponsoring a refugee family in 2016-17 as part of Lutheran Social Services (LSS) of the National Capital Area Refugee Resettlement Program. The family from Afghanistan – a widow and her two children, ages 13 and 10 – moved into their new apartment in October 2016.

The sponsorship has included helping to fund and provide food, clothing, housing, furniture, household items, transportation and other essentials to welcome and help the family become acclimated to the Northern Virginia community. Project volunteers also helped the mom with her job search and continue to support her with English language and financial sustainability training. Before the end of the project, volunteers with support the family in finding long-term affordable housing options.


More than 50 volunteers have signed up to provide goods or help the family in a variety of ways. Please contact the team leaders below to volunteer your time and support.

Donate money

To donate money, mail a check to Rich Sider, UUCF, P.O. Box 130, Vienna, VA 22124. Write refugee resettlement on the memo line.

LSS Refugee Resettlement Information


Wondering whether helping one refugee family will really make a difference? Here are some resources to help you decide: