paris_pledge_logo_large_blue-green_082516An outgrowth of UUCF’s Climate Action Group, the Paris Pledge Initiative is committed to reducing CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions generated by UUCF’s consumption of electricity and natural gas. In solidarity with the agreement reached at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, the UUCF community has made a commitment to these objectives:

  • Reduce UUCF’s CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030. 
  • Reach a state of “net zero” CO2 emissions for UUCF by 2050.  We are tracking our progress in reducing UUCF’s greenhouse gas emissions. More information coming soon.

In 2016, we commissioned an updated Energy Audit Report for UUCF. This report recommended a number of projects as offering significant potential to help UUCF reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Project One Completed!

We have completed our first project, the LED Lighting Project, in which we migrated the majority of UUCF lighting to LED bulbs and fixtures. We are starting to see significant reductions in our electricity usage thanks to this transition and will share updates on this page about our progress.

Starting Project Two

The next effort, the Windows Insulation Project, will focus on improving the efficiency and insulation capability of the original windows in the Program and Administration buildings. May of these windows are single-pane and some have issues with leakage around the frames.

The UUCF Paris Pledge initiative has the support and participation of UUCF Climate Action Group and the following UUCF committees: Coordinating Team, Social Justice Council, Property Stewardship Council and Green Sanctuary Group. For more information, please contact Dave Anderson.LED Lighting Project

Windows Insulation Project

With our energy consultant and windows professionals, we will assess the windows in the Program and Administration buildings and evaluate adding a clear insulating coating. The coating can provide 80-90% of the performance of double-pane windows at a much lower cost than replacing the windows. We expect that some windows will need to be replaced. This window replacement was included in the scope of the original Reach Campaign and the UUCF Board of Directors established a budget for this work. For more information, please contact Dave Anderson.

LED Lighting Project

Now complete, the LED Lighting Project involved replacing existing incandescent and compact fluorescent  lights (CFLs) at UUCF with Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs and integrated LED fixtures. Removed bulbs were donated to Habitat for Humanity ReStore or recycled.

The original scope was limited to replacements with a 4-year pay back.

  • Added additional lighting replacements for aesthetics and additional energy saving considerations.
  • Added upgraded sensors for restrooms

We will provide updates on cost and energy savings; expected savings was at least 50% of the annual electricity consumption in 2014.

Upfront investment for these upgrades was provided from internal sources, Reach Campaign funds, and grant funding from Dominion Virginia Power and Fairfax County. For more information, please contact Dave