As Unitarian Universalists dedicated to upholding our Seven Principles, UUCF is committed to exploration, learning and transformation around racial justice. The congregation lives this commitment through its Racial Justice Steering Committee (RJSC).

Racial Justice Steering Committee

The Racial Justice Steering Committee is a subgroup of the Social Justice Council. Through long-term education, service, advocacy and witness, the RJSC is dedicated to the following mission:

  • Understand the root causes and effects of racism.
  • Work to dismantle racism through our own and congregational actions.
  • Develop partnerships with other institutions working to dismantle racism, particularly institutions led by people of color.
  • Increase our congregation’s diversity.

The RJSC is composed of about a dozen members, including both UUCF minister and the intern minister, meets monthly and welcomes new members committed to this mission. Please contact committee chair Kaye Cook.

RJSC Updates