UUCF’s Spiritual Docent program connects prospective, new and existing congregants with informal guidance and mentoring around their spiritual journey, sense of belonging and service.

The role of a UUCF spiritual docent is to sit with members, friends and visitors as they clarify their own questions and seek new paths within the congregation. Each docent will be paired with a congregant or visitor who has requested a connection. In exchanges that follow an introductory conversation, docents will provide mindful attention and support as mentees identify what they are seeking. The docents will help mentees find their way to the people, programs, service opportunities and small group ministries that can deepen their spiritual experience at UUCF. The docents encourage these connections and reinforce the expectation that they serves as a temporary guide at a spiritual crossroads rather than as ongoing support for mentees.

Docents are active members or friends of UUCF who:

  • Have participated in a Newcomer Orientation.
  • Embrace and celebrate Unitarian Universalism’s spiritual diversity.
  • Will participate in a Docent training program.
  • Can make a 2-year commitment to the program.

Docents will be selected through a brief application process and review by a ministry team.

If you would like to serve as a spiritual docent, please fill out the interest form below.

If you would like to be paired with a spiritual docent, please contact Lay Minister for Adult Spiritual Development Stacy Casey.

Spiritual Docent Interest Form