$5,000. That’s the annual cost of custodial supplies at UUCF.

$105,657. That’s last year’s budget for our music program.

17. That’s the number of heating and air conditioning units on our campus.

Those are hard numbers. Harder to quantify, of course, are the bodies warmed, the spirits cheered, the feet that scamper on our floors on their way to see friends. This is why we are coming to you, again, to ask for your financial support through a pledge to our Annual Giving Campaign.

In the next few days you should be receiving our campaign packet in the mail (if you did not already pick it up at services this weekend). The packet is full of great information. I hope you will take some time to review it as you consider, thoughtfully, what financial commitment is right for you. Here are a few things to know about the campaign:

  • Our pledges for this current fiscal year [Jul. 1, 2013-Jun. 30, 2014] actually decreased from the previous year. This is because last year this time we were wrapping up our Reach Campaign and decided to hold a quiet Annual Giving Campaign. That led to most members maintaining their pledges from the year before, a few people increasing their pledges, but even more decreasing. This year, we are hoping to get back on track with an overall 5% increase in pledges so that we’re able to support the worship and programs we have come to expect, appreciate and rely on.
  • You may make your pledge online at www.uucf.org/agc.
  • Please (please) get your pledge in soon. If you get it in by our deadline of Apr.20, you will be entered into a drawing for two nights in the Hilton Hotel of your choice.
  • This year we are offering the choice of pledging for one year or for three years. (See pledge form for details.)
  • As always, we invite you to pay by check, bank automatic payment, electronic transfer (ACH), credit card charge, or stock transfer. (Bank automatic payment is the preferred method, if it’s all the same to you.)
  • Our goal is to increase our pledge income for the coming year by 5%.

And here is the poem I shared for the Call to Worship this past weekend. Enjoy!

Mary Katherine

Crocus Prayer
by Kim Crawford-Harvie

It takes courage to be crocus-minded. I’d rather wait until June
Like wild roses, when the hazards of winter are safely behind
and I’m expected, and everything’s ready for roses.

But crocuses? Highly irregular.
Knifing up through hard frozen ground and snow,
sticking their necks out because they believe in spring
and have something personal and emphatic to say about it.

I am not by nature crocus-minded.
Even when I have studied the situation here
and know there are wrongs that need righting,
affirmations that need stating,
and know also that my speaking out may offend, for it rocks the boat.
Well, I’d rather wait until June.
Maybe later things will work themselves out,
And we won’t have to make an issue of it.

Forgive me. Wrongs won’t work themselves out.
Injustices and inequities and hurt don’t just dissolve.
Somebody has to stick their neck out,
someone who cares enough to think through and work through hard ground
Because they believe and they have something personal and emphatic to say
about it.