Congregational Treasures. Oct. 2, 2017.

For the last 6 years a dedicated group of UUCF congregants has worked diligently (mostly behind the scenes) to improve the aesthetics of our Sanctuary. Through their efforts many lasting improvements have been made to the appearance and functionality of the Sanctuary Building. They have been an invaluable resource to the Coordinating Team by doing research, preparing interior design plans and evaluating requests for changes to the interior of the building.

A few improvements that have been made during the tenure of the Worship Environment Committee include the new podium and pulpit furniture, a new pulpit chalice, standardizing interior signage, the coffee machine, hanging a rainbow banner, creating the Legacy and Partner Church rooms and even making sure all the outlet covers match! Many other projects, large and small, have been realized through this team’s work.

The original co-chairs of the committee were Lynda Barbour and Debra Eastham. When Lynda moved away, Rich Williams stepped up as co-chair and Debra and Rich have co-led ever since. This was truly a team effort. Debra generously shared her talents and expertise in interior design. Rich brought his skills in organization, administration, record keeping and research to the team and served as project manager on a number of key projects. As Debra Eastham says, “Rich knows how to make things happen!”

Other members of the team are Wini Atlas, who has brought a fine aesthetic sense and much wisdom about managing change. Bill Ades brought his knowledge of accessibility accommodations and a good commonsense approach to problem solving. Peggy Hillman contributed her flair for décor and her good humor. Kristin Moyer brought her deep appreciation of beauty and her perseverance. Staff member Mary Foster kept the team on track by capturing meeting minutes and providing invaluable support in completing projects.

So the next time you come to UUCF, have a good look around at all the beauty that surrounds you and remember these good folks who are truly congregational treasures!