Banding Together 2017

Banding Together is UUCF’s annual benefit concert featuring multigenerational bands of talented UUCF singers and musicians. Banding Together 2017 was a blast, rocking the house and raising funds to benefit UUCF Youth and Music programs and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

This year’s bands

  • Impostor Syndrome – Bob Carr, Annalise Lang, Amelia Rafle, Pete Rafle, Sidney Roth and Karen Wolf

  • Hands Off! – Ben Eggleston, Quinn Eggleston, John Graham, Nathan Graham and Sarah Jebian

  • I Am Groot – David Addis, Satori Greene, Davin Hutchins, Anthony Salvi, Ethan Sifers and Blake Simpkins

  • Snuggle Beast – Kat Bindbeutel, David Bliss, Vanessa Bliss, Liz Carlson and Mike Wingo

    From the March 25, 2017, Banding Together