Each week, donations from congregants make our beautiful worship flower arrangements possible. Becoming a flower donor is easy. With your $50 donation you may honor a loved one or special occasion. An announcement with your dedication will appear in the weekend order of service. Fill out the form below, contact the UUCF office or find our sign-up sheet on the bulletin board near the Music Room. Just pick a date and give us your contact information. Staff will contact you before the designated weekend to collect your dedication message and donation.

After you have completed the form below, you will be redirected to a page and asked to complete your financial sponsorship by clicking on a ‘Pay Now’ PayPal button.

  • NOTE: Donations must be at least $50 to receive a sponsorship message in the Order of Service.
  • If your donation is honoring a person or event, please provide a description. Descriptions should be no longer than about 100 characters.