UUCF operates under a policy-based governance structure, closely aligned with the principals of the Carver model of Policy Governance. UUCF instituted this model in 2005 after much study, discernment and an affirmative vote by the congregation. The principal goals of UUCF’s policy-based governance model include:

  • Establishing clear lines of authority for and among the Board of Directors, ministers, paid staff and lay leaders;
  • Empowering the staff and lay leaders to carry out their activities without unnecessary oversight by the board; and
  • Developing clear performance expectations and processes for evaluating these persons’ or entities’ success in meeting those expectations.

UUCF’s governance structure has the following essential characteristics:

  • The board delegates authority over day-to-day operations to a Coordinating Team (CT), composed of the two ministers, the operations manager and two lay members appointed by the board.
  • The board makes decisions on major matters that affect the long-term well-being of the congregation, but does not directly participate in management of day-to-day operations. Its primary activities include communicating with the congregation, envisioning ways to improve congregational programs, articulating that vision into Ends that guide the work of congregational leadership and systematically evaluating the performance of the ministers, the Coordinating Team, the committees that carry out UUCF programs and the board itself.
  • The ministers, staff and lay leaders are given freedom to accomplish their goals without having to obtain prior approval of specific plans so long as they operate within the framework of their position descriptions, charters, budgets and written policies adopted by the board or the Coordinating Team. All, however, are accountable to the board or the CT to accomplish their tasks, and their performance is reviewed on a regular basis.
  • The board annually evaluates the CT’s performance and separately evaluates the ministers’ performance of their ministerial functions.

Please send questions or comments about UUCF governance to board@uucf.org.