UUCF’s Caring Coordinators, caring@uucf.org, 703- 281-4230, are Autumn Yates (lead) and Ann Marie Cunningham (backup). They coordinate practical care for congregants during times of need – food, transportation, babysitting, etc. For memorial services and funerals, they help coordinate ushers and can recommend caterers. They also provide information about or referrals to special services through outside organizations.

To reach the Caring Coordinators, please email caring@uucf.org. Using this address rather than their personal email addresses helps them all work together to serve you better. Thank you!

Click here to view a brochure that describes all of the caring services offered within the UUCF community.

Caring opportunities form

Please sign up below to provide short-term help for members in need, including providing meals, helping with child care during a doctor’s appointment or giving a ride to/from UUCF worship services or a doctor’s appointment. Caring Coordinator, Autumn Yates, 703-281-4230, receives members’ and friends’ requests for help and organizes the volunteers to meet the expressed needs.

  • Please provide the phone number where we are most likely to reach you.