g Ordun

Congregational Treasure. Apr. 15, 2019. Longtime member g Ordun is one of those special people at UUCF who gives much of herself in a quiet and unassuming manner. Over the years, she has shared her considerable gifts as a musician – both instrumental and vocal – with the congregation on Sunday mornings, in Vespers and in Women’s Ritual Council ceremonies and celebrations. She was a longtime supporter and organizer of the handbells program and currently sings with both the UUCF Community Chorale and Catalyst chamber choir. Her commitment to excellence in all that she does is inspiring; as is her unflappable commonsense and hands-on approach to solving problems. As Vespers […]

Zim Putney

Congregational Treasure. Mar. 4, 2019. Our latest Congregational Treasure is longtime member Zimri (Zim) Putney, who joined UUCF in 1973. Those who know Zim are familiar with the way he emanates great peace and clarity of mind – and how much he enjoys sharing his equanimity and joy for life with others. Zim has led the popular, ongoing Adult Programs class Living Consciously for more than 5 years. The class focuses on self-awareness and the ability to tap our innermost resources for intelligence, emotions and values to guide daily living. He has been a Covenant Group member and leader. In addition, Zim lends his clear tenor voice and his joie […]

Loretta and Michael Rowe

Congregational Treasures. Dec. 3, 2018. This December we honor Loretta and Michael Rowe as UUCF Congregational Treasures. You’ve definitely seen the Rowes around – they’re involved in so many aspects of our congregational life. Loretta and Michael have assisted with pastoral care and memorial services. They participated in a Covenant Group and are active participants in the Climate Action Group, where they facilitated audience discussion following a viewing of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.” In addition, Loretta led this year’s Earth Day Fair on the UUCF campus. These days you will see Michael singing tenor in the UUCF Community Chorale and Loretta beautifying the campus with flowers. […]

Dave Anderson

Congregational Treasure. Oct. 1, 2018. Longtime member Dave Anderson has been involved in myriad activities at UUCF. In addition to participating in Music & Arts programming, with Rebuilding Together and on the audiovisual team, in the past year or so Dave led UUCF’s search for an upgraded database. “He spent a lot of time working with the staff to establish what we needed and then found the systems that were available that best matched the needs of most of the staff,” said UUCF Administrative Coordinator Mary Foster. A committee of staff and volunteers, including Paula Prettyman, sifted through and evaluated the options and then selected Realm, an upgrade of ACS, […]

Barb Dutchak

Congregational Treasure. May 21, 2018. “In our gardens, we learn the deepest of spiritual lessons.” – Barbara Davenport, “Everyday Spiritual Practice” Barb Dutchak loves to garden. In the long winter months, she plans and maps. As the darkness recedes, she clears away winter’s debris and prepares the ground. Sowing, watering and deadheading throughout spring and summer, she watches in wonder as blossoms open and leaves unfurl. Autumn is for putting her plants to bed with the hope that some will overwinter and return again when the ground thaws. A gardener to the core, Barb has a gift for making things bloom. Her green thumb works its magic well beyond one […]

UUCF Refugee Resettlement Project

Congregational Treasures. Apr. 9, 2018. When UUCF contemplated sponsoring a refugee family in 2016, a large group of eager congregants came to the first meeting knowing only that they wanted to help a family fleeing violence get settled and assimilate successfully in the U.S. About 15 UUCFers and many from our partners at UU Sterling came together to review the refugee sponsorship options offered by Lutheran Social Services. The group reviewed information on how much money should be raised and all the different teams needed to support the family in its first year, including apartment rentals, food, transportation and English instruction. The UUCF/UUCS team, of course, chose the most challenging […]

David Bliss

Congregational Treasure. Nov. 6, 2017. Written by Youth Ministry Coordinator Courtney Firth. David is a master of duct tape and uses it for games and more. He shares his time with youth in class, through music and at monthly Youth Adult Committee meetings. He shares his award-winning chili with youth at events and even talks about his secret ingredient. He brought his sweet therapy dog Johnny to class to the absolute delight of everyone. He introduced the youth to stroopwafels and seems to brings head-sized donuts wherever he goes. He is a wonderful listener and has gained the respect, admiration and love of the youth and adults he works with. […]

The Worship Environment Committee

Congregational Treasures. Oct. 2, 2017. For the last 6 years a dedicated group of UUCF congregants has worked diligently (mostly behind the scenes) to improve the aesthetics of our Sanctuary. Through their efforts many lasting improvements have been made to the appearance and functionality of the Sanctuary Building. They have been an invaluable resource to the Coordinating Team by doing research, preparing interior design plans and evaluating requests for changes to the interior of the building. A few improvements that have been made during the tenure of the Worship Environment Committee include the new podium and pulpit furniture, a new pulpit chalice, standardizing interior signage, the coffee machine, hanging a […]

Linda Rothbart

Congregational Treasure. Jan. 30, 2017. Linda Rothbart and her husband, Dan, have been members of UUCF for more than 20 years. Linda served on the congregation’s Board of Directors from 2011-15 and as a member of the Growth Think Tank in 2012. She has taught Religious Exploration classes for 6 years. More recently, she has been involved in continuing adult education, leading the popular World Religions class, which has run for 4 consecutive years and introduced dozens of people to Eastern and Western religious traditions through texts, group discussion, guest speakers and field trips to various houses of worship. She has also been instrumental in developing an online version of […]

Steve Gold

Congregational Treasure. Oct. 31, 2016. Steve Gold has been a quietly active member of UUCF for more than 25 years. He has served in visible leadership roles such as the Endowment Committee (twice!) and on the Board of Directors, including a year as president. He has also served the congregation in many unseen but vitally important ways. He has advised the congregation on legal issues and provided legal assistance to numerous individual UUCF members. He volunteers as a pro bono lawyer for seniors requiring estate-planning documents. With his wife, Wini Atlas, he has served the congregation for many years as parliamentarian at our Annual Meetings. Steve has also contributed to […]