Please complete this form if you are planning a meeting, class, recital, memorial service, concert, film showing, lecture, social event or any other event at UUCF.

For simple meetings requiring no additional setup and no technology, requests can be made by contacting UUCF Administrative Coordinator Mary Foster, 703-281-4230. To publicize these kinds of meetings, please submit announcements to Sarah Creel.

All other event requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the event.

For those who are not UUCF members/contributing friends, there is usually a rental fee for any use of facilities. Fees are based on amount of space and on-site services used and will be calculated based on the information provided in this form. UUCF Operations Manager Bill Braband will contact you with an estimate of your rental fee.

  • If there is no staff member associated with the event, enter N/A.
  • If "other," please specify. NOTE: For regular meetings requiring no special room setup, AV support or food/beverage setup, please directly contact Mary Foster,
  • Please provide a brief description of your proposed event and any concerns or special requirements for your event.
  • List all of your preferred event dates. Please go to the UUCF calendar to check whether your preferred dates are available.
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please specify at least one alternative date for each of the dates you are requesting. Go to the UUCF calendar to check whether your preferred dates are available.
  • :
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  • Please check all those you would like to reserve for your event. Room requests will be honored based on availability.
  • What noise level will your event generate?
  • What noise level will your event generate?
  • Event requirements

  • NOTE: While use of audio and video downloads and streaming is possible in UUCF facilities, due to the unreliability of WiFi and equipment, please download all files onto a flash drive, DVD or CD and bring your own laptop with power connections.
  • Room setup

  • NOTE: Extra charges may apply for complex room setups and technology requirements. You will be notified of charges in advance.
  • Food & beverage setup

  • NOTE: Any food or beverage brought into UUCF must be brought in on the day of the event. All food and beverages must be removed from the premises immediately after the event on the day of the event. See UUCF's policy on alcoholic beverages for more information.
  • NOTE: Coolers are available for UUCF members/friends only.
  • Publicity requirements

    UUCF offers internal publicity for events open to congregants and the general public. Priority is given to UUCF-sponsored events. Written announcements should be submitted to
  • NOTE: UUCF will honor these requests as space and time are available, with priority given to large congregation-wide events. Non-UUCF events will be promoted only on the What's happening page of our website under "From our Friends." Sponsors of non-UUCF events can send promotional fliers to Fliers will be posted on campus as space is available.
  • Child care

    UUCF provides free child care (infant to age 12) for UUCF Religious Exploration events and certain other congregation-wide UUCF events. To request child care (infant to age 12) for other UUCF events (not outside rentals), please note the cost is generally $30 an hour (two adult child care providers). All such requests must include a child care RSVP prior to the event so we know how many children will need care.