Welcome to UUCF’s Themes for Living. Every month, September through June, we explore a different theme – in worship, small groups and in our Religious Exploration (RE) programs. Many of our readings, quotes and other resources come from Soul Matters Sharing Circle, a group of more than 130 Unitarian Universalist congregations that follow the same monthly worship themes and share worship and religious education theme resources. Click on the monthly links below to see the full packet of information from Soul Matters.

Upcoming 2019-20 themes

  • September: Expectation
  • October: Belonging
  • November: Attention
  • December: Awe
  • January: Integrity
  • February: Resilience
  • March: Wisdom
  • April: Liberation
  • May: Thresholds
  • June: Play

2018-19 themes

  • September: Vision – The practice of intentional imagination
  • October: Sanctuary  – The practice of finding sacred space within and ensuring welcoming space for all
  • November: Memory The practice of honest remembrance and honoring the shoulders on which we stand
  • December: Mystery The practice of embracing life with humility and awe
  • January: PossibilityThe practice of personal unfolding and prophetic vision
  • February: Trust The practice of commitment and faith in a love that won’t let us go  
  • March: Journey The practice of pilgrimage, courageous growth and patient change
  • April: WholenessThe practice of repairing what is broken and knowing we are enough
  • May: Curiosity The practice of moving from fear to open-heartedness
  • June: Beauty  – The practice of savoring life’s gifts  

2017-18 themes