Partner Church-Puriang update

Next February will mark Ditol Mylliemngap’s 25th year as the principal of the Puriang Unitarian School. Join in the school’s celebration of his vision, dedication and remarkable accomplishments. The national Partner Church Council is sponsoring a trip to the Khasi Hills of northeast India next March. This will be a great opportunity to visit our Indian partners. More information is here.    

Partner Church update from Puriang

May 6, 2019. Ditol Mylliemngap, principal of the Puriang Unitarian School, wrote recently that Puriang was spared damage from the recent cyclone that devastated parts of eastern India. He added, “We – the school, the church – are always talking about Fairfax. We hope our friendship will grow stronger and stronger. Khublei [blessings from God].” If you would like to visit our partners in Puriang, the national Partner Church Council is sponsoring a trip next March. Learn more here.    

Partner Church message of thanks

March 2019. Ditol Mylliemngap, headmaster of the Puriang Unitarian School, sent this recent message of thanks: “Please tell all the members of the church that the youth, children and adults in Puriang remember them in our hearts. To all the sponsors, without you the school would not be like it is now. In love and friendship, Ditol.” The school (affiliated with UUCF’s Partner Church in Northeast India) has seen a 20% increase in enrollment. Some children are coming from as far as 30 miles away. Two new classrooms are being built and 27 students have been selected to participate in a special math and science tutoring program in the state […]

Puriang Unitarian church celebrates Founder’s Day

Posted Sep. 26, 2017. Sep.18, was “Founder’s Day,” a state holiday in the Indian state of Meghalaya commemorating the founding of the first Unitarian church in the Khasi Hills 130 years ago. (Every religion registered in Meghalaya has an official state holiday.) In Puriang, they celebrated Founder’s Day with special services at the Unitarian Church and a torch light parade after dark. Ditol sent photos and a video of the youth choir singing. Several years ago, the UUCF Partner Church Circle contributed to the purchase of the keyboard shown in the video and music lessons for the young man who is the choir director. There is now an adult choir, youth […]

Ditol Mylliemngap receives Teacher of the Year Award

Posted Oct. 3, 2016. Sep. 18 is Founders Day, the most important day on the Khasi Unitarian calendar and a Meghalaya state holiday. It commemorates the anniversary of the founding of the first Khasi Unitarian church by Hajom Kissor Singh in 1887. The Puriang Unitarian Church children’s choir sang at the Founders Day service. In early September, Ditol Mylliemngap, headmaster of the Puriang Unitarian School, received a Teacher of the Year Award from the Indian state of Meghalaya in a ceremony of Shillong, the state capital. A group of students from the school attended the ceremony. Also in September, the Puriang Unitarian School agreed to participate in an education exchange […]

Puriang Unitarian School recognized

Posted Aug. 16, 2016. The students at the Puriang Unitarian School continue their record of achievement, and the school has received additional recognition. In June, headmaster Ditol Mylliemngap received word that 25 of the 27 10th grade students passed the standardized exam that qualifies them to pursue further education – seven in the first division, 12 in the second division and three simply passed. Three received merit stars. Several 11th grade students joined in the Commerce Stream and Science Stream in Shillong, the state capital. Puriang students participated in an essay competition conducted by Madan Laban Unitarian Church in Shillong in honor of the 150th birthday of Khasi Unitarianism founder Hajom Kissor […]

President of Indian Unitarians visits UUCF

Posted Mar. 15, 2016. Rev. Derrick Pariat, president of the Unitarian Union of Northeast India (UUNEI) participated in a meeting of Washington area Partner Church Committees at UUCF on Mar. 12. Rev. Derrick is a member of the board of directors of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU) and was in the US to participate in a strategic planning workshop to update ICUU’s mission. In a lunchtime presentation, he outlined efforts to provide professional training for associate ministers in the Khasi Hills, modernize the administration of the UUNEI and expand the leadership. He emphasized how Khasi Unitarians are now addressing key social issues such as family violence, environmental degradation […]

Jewel of India Pratibha Samman Award

Posted Feb. 8, 2016. After receiving the Global Teacher Role Model Award last October in Mumbai, Principal Ditol Myliemngap of Puriang Unitarian Higher Secondary School, has now received the Jewel of India Pratibha Samman Award. The award was bestowed upon him in New Delhi on Jan. 29 by the MVLA Trust.