Lareau 2_ 2014

Mary Lareau

Director of Communications

703-281-4230, x129

Mary joined the UUCF staff in February 2012, with responsibility for electronic and print communications, including managing the UUCF website, electronic newsletters, social media and graphic design.

After a 20-year career in corporate communications for energy and telecomm companies, Mary stopped working in 2001 to raise her daughter and volunteer in the community. Mary and her husband, Dave, joined UUCF in 2002. In 2004, she worked with the UUCF Board of Directors to help communicate to the congregation during a ministerial transition and a change to policy-based governance. That work led to being on the board and serving as board president for 2 years. After that, Mary served for 3 years on the UUCF Coordinating Team where she helped revamp UUCF’s website and improve other communications media and processes for the congregation.

Mary and Dave live in Oakton. Their grown daughter, Madeline, lives in Rockville, MD.