UUCF’s Social Justice Council organizes the congregation’s major social justice efforts into the following social action groups.

Racial Justice Steering Committee

UUCF launched its commitment to exploration, learning and transformation around racial justice with its campaign “Thirty Days of Love: A Call to Action for Faith, Race and Justice” early in 2016. The congregation continues this commitment through a Racial Justice Steering Committee, working on long-term advocacy, training, education, partnerships and engagement. Read more here.

Immigrant Justice – Committee for Immigration Justice

UUCF joined the DMV Sanctuary Congregation Network in April 2017. The Network is a group of 70+ faith communities in DC, Maryland and Virginia dedicated to acting in solidarity to resist policies that racially profile, criminalize, detain and deport undocumented immigrants and discriminate against marginalized communities including those who are black, indigenous, Muslim, Latinx and LGBTQ+. The Committee for Immigration Justice (CIJ) coordinates UUCF’s involvement in the DMV Sanctuary Network and engages in other community actions aimed at raising up the humanity of all people.  Read more here.

Ending Gun Violence

UUCF is committed to ending gun violence and to urging our legislators to approve sensible gun violence prevention legislation. To that end, UUCF members passed a Congregational Resolution on Preventing Gun Violence in 2013.

In additional to other local, state and national actions on gun violence prevention, UUCFers participate in gun violence prevention vigils at the National Rifle Association headquarters in Fairfax on the 14th of each month at 10 a.m. These vigils commemorate the lives lost to gun violence at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 and thousands of others since. Read more here.

Climate Action Group and Paris Pledge Initiative

The UUCF Climate Action Group (CAG), founded in 2013, plans and implements climate-related projects with a direct impact on UUCF, its members and the interconnected web of life. View this brief video to learn more about global warming/climate change, its human causation and consequences. CAG believes advocacy and solutions are necessary now. CAG is actively involved in Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions, an interdenominational climate action group started by CAG members along with members of other congregations.

The Paris Pledge Initiative is a framework of CAG projects with the goal of reducing UUCF’s carbon dioxide emissions.

LGBTQ+ equality

For decades, UUCF has been dedicated to ensuring LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and others) rights and is a Welcoming Congregation focused on education, consciousness raising and fellowship within the UUCF community and beyond. Read more here.

Muslim Liaison Group and Refugee Resettlement Project

The mission of the Muslim Liaison Group is to build personal relationships with local Muslim communities and to deepen our understanding of Islam and Muslims in America. Click here for more information and a list of upcoming events. In 2016, UUCF formed a Refugee Resettlement Project to sponsor a refugee family. That family is now independent, but several UUCF congregants maintain relationships with the family.

Hypothermia Shelter

UUCF participates in this annual FACETS interfaith winter project, providing shelter for about 40 homeless adults homeless in Fairfax County. Many volunteers are needed. Read more here.

Rebuilding Together

For one day in April more than 40 UUCF volunteers come together to make a home more livable for a local resident in need. The goal is to keep people living in warmth, safety and independence, while helping to build communities. The local Rebuilding Together program is under the auspices of Rebuilding Together Arlington/Fairfax/Falls Church, a non-profit that preserves and develops decent and affordable housing for limited-income individuals and families. Read more here.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

In partnership with Southgate Community Center in Reston, UUCF volunteers teach ESOL classes for disadvantaged immigrant residents. Check the What’s happening page for upcoming events.

Beacon House

UUCF and other area UU congregations have helped fund and provide volunteer support to Beacon House since its founding in 1991. Beacon House provides tutoring, mentoring, cultural, athletic, recreational and nutritional programs to at-risk children, ages 5-18,  in and around the Edgewood Terrace community in Ward 5 of Washington, DC. Contact Beacon House President Rev. Donald Robinson.

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