Cedar Lane hosts Diwali celebration

Sun., Nov. 18, 4-6 p.m., Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church, 9601 Cedar Ln., Bethesda, MD. Contact Rev. Abhi Janamanchi, 301-493-8300. Join us for a soulful, lively and engaging spirit experience to celebrate the Hindu festival of Diwali. In these troubled and troubling times, let us commit to all that is life-affirming and recommit to living lives of compassion, hope, love and service. Features Indian classical and folk dances, lighting of lamps and sparklers, and a delicious vegetarian feast (dosa party).

Kösönöm Szepen!

The Partner Church Circle profusely thanks all the home hosts, dinner hosts, drivers, tour guides, food preparers, Property Stewardship Council members, other volunteers and UUCF staff who made the visit by our congregational partners from Szentgerice such a tremendous success! If you have ideas to share about how the PCC can build on this visit to strengthen and broaden its relationship with UUCF’s Transylvanian and Indian partners, please email them to Dick Van Duizend.    

“Wilderness Journey” documentary screening

Sat., Dec. 1, 7-8:30 p.m., Chapel. To request child care, email childcare@uucf.org by Nov. 28. Showing of the documentary ”Wilderness Journey: The Struggle for Black Empowerment and Racial Justice Within the UUA – 1967-1970.” The events of the Black Empowerment Controversy rocked Unitarian Universalism in the late 1960s and early 1970s and continue to reverberate today. This documentary provides testimonials by firsthand participants, edited only for continuity. It is a stunning document of a crisis in Unitarian Universalism. The recent controversy over Unitarian Universalist Association hiring and discussions about how white supremacy culture shows up in institutions makes knowing this history even more important. After the showing, Intern Minister Pippin […]

Joy Service

Date: Sun., Dec. 2, 9:15 & 11:15 a.m., Sanctuary. Worship Leader: Worship Committee. Music: Jazz Band and Merry Makers children’s choir (9:15); Jazz Band and Young Arts boom whackers (11:15). Religious Exploration: Service for all ages. All RE students are expected to attend the service, except 8th Grade Our Whole Lives (OWL). Both the 9:15 and 11:15 8th Grade OWL classes will meet in the Chapel for a guest panel at 9:15 a.m. Child care to age 5 available in the Sanctuary Nursery.  

The Memories We Carry Forward

Date: Sun., Nov. 25, 10 a.m. (one service only), Sanctuary. Worship Leader: Intern Minister Pippin Whitaker. Music: Youth musicians. Religious Exploration: Special RE in session for age 2-Grade 3 only. Preschool begins and ends in class. Kindergarten-Grade 3 begin and end in the Program Building. Grade 4 and older attend special worship service in the Sanctuary. Child care to age 3 available in the Sanctuary Nursery.

Prayer on the Eve of an Election

Nov. 5, 2018. By Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller. Tomorrow, as we practice our Unitarian Universalist faith by supporting the democratic process, here is a prayer to guide this vital action for the future of our republic. I urge you to vote for the inherent worth and dignity of all. As the banner in front of our congregation proclaiming our values says – “Love is Love.” Voting those values may be more important now than ever before. Prayer on the Eve of an Election by Tess Baumberger Spirit of Wisdom, As we prepare to elect new citizens to lead us, in our communities, town and cities, in our counties, […]