The Heart of Our Promise

Making Sanctuary for Future Generations. Oct. 29, 2018. By Assistant Minister Rev. Sarah Caine. The lens through which we interact with one another is the essence of UUCF. It is the Heart of Our Promise. Some of you may remember this phrase from Ingathering or the banners around campus. As October draws to a close and we end our theme of Sanctuary, it seems the perfect time to revisit this nebulous thing – this program that’s not quite a program but more of a way of thinking and being that we talked about at Ingathering. Hopefully, it will be useful as we reflect on the kind of legacy and blessing […]

What Are We Building? And How Are We Building It?

Oct. 22, 2018. By Tyler Coles. Like many who grew up in the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains, I always found autumn a welcome relief following the tedious days of summer. The cool temperatures and falling leaves form a picturesque memory in my mind as my friends and I would take part in one of our favorites activities – building forts. As we would wander through the woods just beyond our neighborhood, we would assemble crude structures with whatever materials we would come across. Sometimes the work of creation would be easy. Yet, more often, our work required copious amounts of time and energy as we gathered materials that […]

Mother-Daughter Group

For mothers of teen daughters who are sensitive. Fourth Sunday of the month, unless otherwise noted. Sun., Jan. 20, 7-9 p.m., location TBD (please contact Jennifer). (Note: Date change.) Who: Cisgender, trans or gender-expansive mothers/guardians and their sensitive teen daughters (cis, trans or gender-expansive). Size: 3-8 mothers. Questions? Contact Jennifer. Join a small group of women to explore how we can help each other nurture our sensitive daughters through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. The group’s intention is to support each other as mothers, nurture our relationships with our daughters, help them thrive as girls and young women and welcome them into a community of women. Our goal is for […]

What Is Y’ALL Up To?

Oct. 15, 2018. By Intern Minister Pippin Whitaker. As part of my final year of seminary work, I am launching an intergenerational community building project this year at UUCF. I call the project Youth-Adult Liquid Leadership, or Y’ALL for short. I grew up in Mississippi and am a fan of the plural “you,” so I love getting to use it a bunch this year. But I digress. The Y’ALL project is designed to promote even more intergenerational connection and collaboration in our community. The project includes support for congregational leaders on strategies for youth-adult-elder collaboration, exploring why our generations relate as they do, and intergenerational worship. The Y’ALL worship services […]

Pronoun Ribbons: Honoring Gender Identity

Oct. 8, 2018. By Karen Wolf, Equality UUCF. One thing that drew me to UUCF, and Unitarian Universalism in general, was the promise of radical welcome for people of all genders and sexualities. UUCF became a “Welcoming Congregation” (going through the Welcoming Congregation curriculum) in 1994. Since then, we’ve fought for marriage equality, inclusive sexuality education in schools and been part of Reston’s first Pride celebration. The way the U.S. views gay, lesbian and bisexual people has changed a lot since 1994. Transgender rights, while also moving forward in the last 20 years, have lagged behind other issues During our weekly greeting at worship services, congregational leaders say, “Whoever you […]

Dave Anderson

Congregational Treasure. Oct. 1, 2018. Longtime member Dave Anderson has been involved in myriad activities at UUCF. In addition to participating in Music & Arts programming, with Rebuilding Together and on the audiovisual team, in the past year or so Dave led UUCF’s search for an upgraded database. “He spent a lot of time working with the staff to establish what we needed and then found the systems that were available that best matched the needs of most of the staff,” said UUCF Administrative Coordinator Mary Foster. A committee of staff and volunteers, including Paula Prettyman, sifted through and evaluated the options and then selected Realm, an upgrade of ACS, […]

Creating a New Congregational Covenant

Oct. 1, 2018. By Senior Minister Rev. David A. Miller. Human communities have their challenges. UUCF is no exception. Even with the best of intentions, we can and have found ourselves in situations where we become unwilling to engage in respectful, sustained and ultimately productive dialogue that would bring us into what we call right relations – into the beloved community we so cherish in this congregation. These situations range from small, one-on-one misunderstandings to larger, more-public confrontations. Occasionally they have included threats of leaving the congregation when members feel their individual needs are being disrespected or not being met. Most of these situations end up with ministerial involvement, where […]