Congregational Treasure. Mar. 4, 2019. Our latest Congregational Treasure is longtime member Zimri (Zim) Putney, who joined UUCF in 1973. Those who know Zim are familiar with the way he emanates great peace and clarity of mind – and how much he enjoys sharing his equanimity and joy for life with others. Zim has led the popular, ongoing Adult Programs class Living Consciously for more than 5 years. The class focuses on self-awareness and the ability to tap our innermost resources for intelligence, emotions and values to guide daily living. He has been a Covenant Group member and leader. In addition, Zim lends his clear tenor voice and his joie de vivre to our Community Chorale whenever he can. We are blessed by his steady presence, his wisdom and, most of all, his willingness to share it with us. Please join us in recognizing Zim Putney as a UUCF Congregational Treasure: He is a true example of a light that leads. Written by Cheryl Sadowski.